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The following took place in 40 ACB.

Events Edit

  • George Cypher is killed by Darken Rahl,
  • The boundary between Westland and the Midlands fails.
  • Richard Cypher becomes the Seeker of Truth and begins a quest to defeat Darken Rahl. He is joined by First Wizard Zorander and Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell.
  • Darken Rahl is defeated and consumed by the power of Orden.
  • The opening of a box of Orden causes a tear in the veil and the Stone of Tears enters the world of life.
  • Richard Cypher learns he is Rahl's son and the heir to the throne of D'Hara.
  • Rahl's spirit escapes through the tear and begins the process of freeing the Keeper from the underworld.
  • Richard Cypher is located by the Sisters searching for him, and accompanies Verna to the Palace of the Prophets at the insistence of Kahlan Amnell.
  • Kahlan Amnell declares war on the Imperial Order after the massacre of Ebinissia.

Battles Edit

Births Edit

Deaths Edit

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