• The Sisters of the Light move to the Wizard's Keep .
  • Richard reveals some of the things he did while he was in control of Orden to Zedd .
  • Cara and Benjamin get married. 
  • Richard and Kahlan discover the Omen Machine.
  • Richard learns the language of Creation, a language the Omen Machine speaks in.
  • Richard kills Jit and by doing so Jit releases the touch of death into Kahlan and himself.
  • Richard learns from the accounts of Naja Moon what the half people are and how he is the only one who can end the war from her time.
  • With the use of Richard's blood Hannis Arc revives Emperor Sulachan.
  • Hannis Arc and Emperor Sulachan head for the People's Palace with an army of half people and undead.
  • Ben is killed by the half people.
  • Cara asks for Richard's permission to leave him and heads off by herself.
  • Zedd is killed by Irena.
  • Richard discovers that Irena was working with Ludwig and was the one who killed Zedd.
  • Richard kills Irena.
  • Samantha, seeing her mother killed by Richard, attacks them, murders Kahlan, and escapes.
  • Richard has Nicci kill him so he can save Kahlan's soul, knowing she still has some life in her due to death's touch.
  • Richard saves Kahlan's soul from the demons, drawing them all to himself and removes death's touch from Kahlan.
  • Kahlan's soul returns to her body.
  • Kahlan has Ludwig preserve Richard's body in an attempt to bring Richard back to life.
  • Kahlan releases Ludwig and shortly after kills him.
  • With both Zedd and Richard dead, Kahlan takes the Sword of Truth.
  • Nicci finds Richard's spirit in the Underworld, and prepares him to come back to life.
  • In the Underworld, Zedd frees Richard's spirit to return to life.
  • Cara returns to Richard and Kahlan and sacrifices her life to be the bridge to bring Richard back.
  • Richard returns to life, with death's touch still inside of him, and takes back the Sword of Truth.
  • Richard learns of Hannis Arc's true intentions and leaves for Stroyza.
  • Samantha attempts to kill Richard, Kahlan, Nicci, and Mord-Sith, but is killed by an avalanche of granite she created.
  • Richard (able to travel with the Sword of Truth due to death's touch), Kahlan, Nicci, and Mord-Sith head to the Wizard's Keep via the Sliph.
  • Richard, Kahlan, Nicci, and Mord-Sith head to the People's Palace via the Sliph.
  • Hannis Arc and Sulachan invade the palace.
  • Richard returns to the Wizard's Keep and collects the stray spirits of the half people, and then returns to the People's Palace with the Sword of Truth and the spirits.
  • Richard kills Sulachan by screaming out death's touch and keeping it under control using his gift, destroying the Omen Machine and the Boxes of Orden in the process.
  • Richard returns the veil to normal.
  • Vika kills Hannis Arc and joins Richard's side.
  • Richard returns the spirits of the half people to their bodies (or the Underworld if their bodies are already gone), ending the war.
  • Nathan and Nicci leave to help villages destroyed by Hannis Arc.

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