Abigail, commonly known as Abby, was the daughter of a sorceress named Helsa but was not a sorceress herself, making her what was called a skip. Abby was instrumental in aiding First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander end the devastating D'Haran War, which resulted in the creation of the boundaries.

Biography Edit

Abigail is a girl, about the same age as Rachel, from the land of Pendisan Reach. She grew up in the town of Coney Crossing, where she knew every person living in the town. She had fine, dark brown hair that covered her ears, but no more. The bracelet would often give off an odd tingling sensation and get unusually warm, especially around great magic. Her mother had told her to wear it always and it would someday be of value.

Abby's mother was a sorceress who died before she could see her granddaughter. Abby herself did not inherit the gift (known as a "skip" because the gift skipped her), something that she often felt ashamed about. The people of Coney Crossing depended on her mother. She helped those who were ill or hurt. She advised people on matters of community and those of family. For some she arranged marriages. For some she meted out discipline. For some she bestowed favors available only through magic. She protected the people of Coney Crossing. She was revered openly. By some, she was feared and loathed privately.

While her mother was alive Abby had been shunned in subtle ways; after her mother died the shunning became more overt. It had been expected by the people of Coney Crossing that she would serve as her mother had served. People didn't understand about the gift, that it often wasn't passed onto an offspring; instead they thought Abby selfish and simply refused to use it.

Abby's father, husband and four year old daughter, Jana, were all captured by D'Haran troops under the command of Anargo. Jana was Abby's last chance at having children after the death of another son at birth. She left for Aydindril to seek help from the First Wizard, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander.

After convincing him to help her, he came with her to Coney Crossing. Disguised as a Mord-Sith, she entered the D'Haran camp to find her daughter Jana. But instead of her, she only found Zedds daughter, who was being hold captive there. She managed to lead her out of the camp and thus bring her back safely to Zedd.

Her own daughter and her husband safed themself by fleeing over the river while Zedd prepared the release of the boundary.

Personality and traits Edit

She often wore a crimson dress and a magic bracelet made of two wires intricately twisted together in interlocking circles, which her mother, Helsa, had given her.

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