The home of Adie was a modest dwelling that the sorceress Adie occupied for many years after she settled in Westland to study the boundary. Over the years Adie collected hundreds of magical bones that lined almost every visible surface of the walls of her home. In addition, these bones served to shield Adie and her home from the eyes of the Keeper. Adie used her magic to instill a sense of unnatural stillness and calm within the surrounding woods.

History Edit

One can assume that Adie built the house when she came to Westland. She probably used magic so that it fit into its surroundings. The number of bones must have grown with the time that Adie lived there.

Noteable features Edit

The house was almost invisible next to the trail as it blended with its surrounding. The logs of the walls matched the color of the trees around and the roof was covered with a mass of ferns. In front of the dorr was a very small porch. The house had square, four-paned windows without curtains. The house contained a table and two chairs, a fireplace and a separate room where Adie slept.

Bones of every kind stood out in stark relief against all four dark walls. Against one were shelves that held skulls. Most were fearsome-looking, with long, curved teeth, none seemed to be human. Some of the bones were assembled into necklaces. Some were decorated into objects of purpose with feathers and colored beads, chalk circles drawn around them on the surface of the wall.

There were stacks of bones in the corner, looking unimportant on masse. The ones on the wall were displayed carefully, with space around them to signify their importance. On the mantel over the fireplace was a rib bone as thick as a man's arm, as long as a man was tall. Symbols were carved in dark lines along its length. There were so many bleached bones around him that one felt as if he were in the belly of a dead beast.

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