Air manipulation was the ability to make use of and manipulate the surrounding air. The ability was common among the gifted. Webs of air were generally used with the aid of Additive Magic and came in many different forms. The gifted were capable of making the air so dense or sharp that when it was cast out at a foe, they would be completely ripped apart. Shields of air were said to be the strongest form of shield.

Gifted wizards and sorceresses were capable of forming extremely powerful scythes of air capable of slicing through metal and armor. It was possible to create such powerful and sharp blades of air that the gifted could cut down row after row of soldiers in moments.

Telekinesis was achieved by the gifted by wrapping objects in webs of air and mentally manipulating them to move. The gifted could also create concentrated blasts of air capable of slamming foes across a room. Prelate Verna Sauventreen was once noted as having created such a powerful blast that she killed an Imperial Order soldier upon impact with the wall.

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