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Alexander Rahl



Pristinely ungifted





Personal Information
Birth Place

World without magic


Helen Rahl
(mother) †
Benjamin Rahl
(paternal grandfather) †
Tom Rahl
(distant ancestor) †
Jennsen Rahl
(distant ancestor) †
Darken Rahl
(distant ancestor) †
Jennsen Rahl's mother
(distant ancestor) †
Panis Rahl
(distant ancestor) †
Nathan Rahl
(distant ancestor) †
Alric Rahl
(distant ancestor) †
Richard Rahl
(distant relative)

Chronological and Political Status

House of Rahl
Jax Amnell

Book Debut

The Law of Nines

Alexander Rahl was the last remaining member of the House of Rahl.

Biography Edit

He lived in the world without magic created by Richard Rahl an undisclosed number of years before his time, and was raised by his paternal grandfather, Ben. Alex was a struggling artist from Nebraska, but his life abruptly changed when he met Jax Amnell, a sorceress from the world with magic. Along with Jax, he set out to stop Radell Cain from bringing technology back to the world with magic through the Gateway. Along the way, he and Jax fell in love, but were separated when Jax had to return to her world, although she promised to return to him.

Personality and characteristics Edit

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Appearances Edit

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