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Amnell family
Family heritage
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The Amnell family were the royal house of Galea through the union of King Wyborn Amnell and Queen Bernadine Amnell. It also lent members to the ranks of the Confessors.

History Edit

The union of Wyborn and Bernadine was not one of love, but of duty. By joining together, their two separate lands joined together into Galea, becoming among the largest and most powerful nations of the Midlands. Together the king and queen produced two children, Cyrilla Amnell and Harold Amnell. Later, King Wyborn was taken as the mate of the Mother Confessor of the day, and with her fathered Kahlan Amnell.

The Mother Confessor later died of a terrible wasting disease and after hearing the news of his mistresses death Wyborn himself died. Many years later, after Queen Bernadine passed away, Cyrilla rose to the throne. However, she was later rendered mentally unstable by trauma she experienced in Aydindril during its brief capture by the Imperial Order. Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell took the crown in Cyrilla's stead, as Prine Harold had no wish to rule. Kahlan committed Galea to the war against the Order, and surrendered it to her husbands D'Haran Empire.

Sometime later, Cyrilla recovered from her stupor, however, she was a greatly changed woman. Cyrilla withdrew Galea from the D'Haran Empire and claimed neutrality in the war. However, neither side recognized neutrailty, and as such, Prince Harold was killed whilst attempting to flee the D'Haran camp after allying himself with his sister's unreasonable actions, while Galea itself was captured by the Imperial Order. Queen Cyrilla was forced to whore for Jagang's men, before being executed; her severed head was used as a broc in a game of Ja'la between Jagang's men.

At the conclusion of the Imperial Order War, Kahlan was the sole surviving member of the Amnell family. A millennia later, at least one member of the family remained, Jax Amnell. Therefore she is virtually certain to be the descendant of Kahlan.

Family Tree Edit

                  Bernadine Amnell-----+----------------+-----Wyborn Amnell-----+-----Kahlan Amnell's mother
                                       |                |                       |
                                       |                |                       |
                                       |                |                       |
                                 Cyrilla Amnell   Harold Amnell          Kahlan Amnell
                                                                                | (many generations)
                                                                          Jax Amnell

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