Anargo was a wizard and commander of a large military unit of the D'Haran army under the command of Panis Rahl during the war between D'Hara and the Midlands.


D'Haran commanderEdit

His unit was very large, it was rumored it was larger than the annual locust swarm that went through Pendisan Reach every year. At the end of the war, Anargo's unit was stationed in Pendisan Reach, primarily in the town of Coney's Crossing. Like most D'Haran units, Anargo had Sorceresses and Wizards under his command who used magic to imprison the people of Coney Crossing and the surrounding areas. The D'Haran troops would use these captives as shields, to blunt the deadly magic, spears, and arrows the Midlands army sent against them. They would drive the captives forward, "dulling the enemies' weapons on their own women and children".

The Midlands troops trapped Anargo's unit in Coney's Crossing shortly after Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander developed magical horns that turned the tide of the war. Midlands troops led by General Sanderson swept in from the north while troops led by General Mordale cut up from the south. General Brainard in the south sent half his troops north along the Kern River to block off their retreat into D'Hara.

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