The Anderith Army was the main military force of the Midlands Nation of Anderith.



The Minister of Culture oversees the vast majority of military dealings, and indeed it was Bertrand Chanboor himself who passed the law to allow Haken woman to serve as well as Ander women, but supposedly the Sovereign was the de jure Commander-in-Chief.


Captains of the Anderith Army were responsible for large battalions of troops, usually stationed in baileys, called Regiments. Only the 23rd Regiment is encountered, and it is the Regiment responsible for maintaining guards at each Dominie Dirtch. Captain Tolbert oversaw the 23rd Regiment.


Lieutenants of the Anderith Army were the second-in-command to Captains. The Lieutenant of the 23rd Regiment was an Ander woman named Lieutenant Yarrow.


Sergeants were commanders of small groups of ten soldiers called a Squad. A Squad consisted of the Sergeant, a Corporal, and eight simple soldiers. Sergeant Beata was in command of her Squad, and was charged with keeping the gender-mixed Squad sleeping in separate cabins, coordinating with other Dominie Dirtch Squads, for controlling border access, and for ultimately making the final decision to ring the Dominie Dirtch, if absolutely necessary.


Corporals were the second-in-command to Sergeants. If a Sergeant died, or was absent for any reason, the Corporal would be in control until they returned or were replaced. Sergeant Beata’s Corporal was an Ander girl named Marie Fauvel.


Soldiers were the basic unit of the Anderith Army, serving mainly as grunts.


Since the Dominie Dirtch was such an effective means of defense from foreign aggression, there was no need to maintain a powerful standing army. Because of this, the Anderith Army fell into severe dilapidation, being used mainly as healers, or police when necessary. In fact, the training to become a sergeant only took two weeks. Only those few Special Ander Guard Troops, mainly the Sovereign’s and Minister of Culture’s guards, or the Fairfield City Guards, were actually well-trained and battle-ready, but their numbers were so few that they would be negligible when faced with any real invasion.

Only Anders could join the Anderith Army, but later Haken women were also allowed to join. This was mainly because no Haken men were allowed to carry a weapon. Everyone in the Army was considered equal, although women were not required to wear the same amount of armor that men were.

Internal GuardsEdit

Guards were the real military power of Anderith. Because the Dominie Dirtch so thoroughly protected Anderith, they only needed true soldiers for Frontier Patrols or for internal enforcement, such as the Fairfield City Guard and the soldiers employed by and charged to protect the Sovereign, the Minister of Culture, and the Minister’s Chief Aide, Dalton Campbell. The rest of the actual army would simply act as disaster response, outpost guards, Dominie Dirtch guards, and as distributors of medicine and the like to the masses when necessary.

Special Ander Guard TroopsEdit

Special Ander Guard Troops, as described by Sergeant Beata, weren’t regular army soldiers. They were special, men only, and looked like they were used to dealing with trouble of one sort or another. They paid no heed to regular Anderith soldiers. Indeed, even when Sergeant Beata commanded one battalion of such troops entering Anderith to halt at her Dominie Dirtch, just to ask how they faired, they completely ignored her with a smirk, & continued on their way.

In actuality, theses were Imperial Order Soldiers brought by Stein, to cement his hold over the nation. These were allowed by the Minister of Culture as a covert means of cultivating the favor of the Order.

Imperial Order InvasionEdit

When the Dominie Dirtch were destroyed, Anderith had no defense against Jagang’s horde, and its pitiful army was quickly overrun.

Known Army SoldiersEdit