Andolians are not quite human, but definitely not animal, the Andolians are a blend of strange instincts. Their leader is called the legate, and one of the benefits of his high station is to have six wives, all from the same "litter". The current legate is Rishi, who was sent with a message from the Winds to Richard Rahl.

Description Edit

Like many creatures of magic, Andolians are disliked. There are many things about Andolians that confuse normal people, but the primary reason they are disliked is that they are almost indistinguishable from normal humans, apart from their black eyes, and a set of instincts that sends them running from storms. They are obsessed with shiny objects, and will pick up anything that catches their attention and keep it. This is not done out of malice, but is simply a magpie-like tendency Andolians have; however, it does nothing to endear them to normal people, who simply view it as theft.

In fact, the only thing Andolians love more than shiny objects is carrying messages. The reason for this isn't precisely clear--it may make the Andolian feel important and special, or it may bring them closer to their human side, but whatever the reason, they will gladly carry any message with utter loyalty for the price of a broken piece of glass or a coin, but some are so pleased to be honored with carrying a message that they will carry it free of charge.

Andolians also possess a unique type of magic, further separating them from normal people. What precisely their magic allows them to do is unclear, but they have a tiny fraction of Subtractive Magic in addition to the more common Additive Magic.

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