Anthropomacy was an ancient form of torture used to divine the answer to a question by reading the entrails of the still-alive victim. The art form allowed the practitioner to ask one question and one question only. The victim needed to know the answer for an answer to be divined from the entrails. Darken Rahl was a feared practitioner of anthropomancy and used it on many people of the Midlands to try and find the location of the "Great Wizard" who had killed his father. However, this did not work since Zedd had cast a Wizard's Web upon himself so everybody would forget his name and appearance. One victim of anthropomacy was George Cypher, who was killed after it by Darken Rahl before the Boundary failed. Giller, a wizard of the Second Order, was also subjected to it, and killed himself with Wizard's Life Fire rather than reveal where he had hidden Queen Milena's Box of Orden.

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