An argon was a heavy spear with an iron-sheathed shaft used by D'Haran soldiers.

Description Edit

An argon had a long, thin barb at the end that caused fatal wounds and could stick in shields. Argons could be heaved at the enemy from a significant distance.

The purpose of the argon was to allow a D'Haran skirmisher to break the shield phalanx. When attacking a phalanx, the D'Haran soldiers hurled their argons into the shields of their opponents. The heavy weight of the argon would drag the shield down, and the metal sheathing prevented the shaft from being broken off by the soldier holding the shield. The D'Haran infantry then charged and jumped onto the shafts of their argons in order to drag the shields down more, and then vaulted into the enemy formation.

The description and use of the weapon make it identical to descriptions of the medieval Germanic weapon, angon.

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