Brogan, Galtero and Lunetta are heading to the outskirts of town searching for someone. Brogan berates his sister for failing to ascertain the truthfulness of Richard's speech. Brogan grows impatient and warns Lunetta sternly that he would be incredibly displeased if the people they are searching for freeze to death in the snow.

Lunetta reassures Brogan that she enchanted them with a circle spell at a midden heap. When the party reaches the stinky midden heap, they wait by a well trodden path. Finally, Duchess Lumholtz and her husband show up. Brogan rips the front of the woman's dress while Galtero pins her down. Lunetta uses magic to freeze the count in place. The duchess arches her back as Galtero twists her arms behind her back. Her nipples stiffen in the cold wind. 

Duchess Lumholtz begs Brogan to let her go unmolsted but Brogan ignores her pleas and slices of her left nipple. He then hands it over to Lunetta, who uses it as a medium to cast a spell enslaving the Duchess and thus compelling her to do Brogan's bidding. 

Brogan orders Lunetta to heal the Duchess. Galtero stares lacivisiously while Lunetta cups the injured breast and begins casting magic. While they wait, Brogan muses that Galtero proved his worth today and deserves a trifle as a reward.

Lunetta finishes healing the woman and reveals a perfect left breast, just like the other but without a nipple. Lunetta asks if Brogan wants the Duke too but Brogan wants to have the Duke killed so it appears as though he was murdered by a mirswith. Galtero immediately offers to do the dirty work, but Brogan offers Galtero sex with the Duchess instead. Brogan hands over the beautiful Duchess to Galtero to rape while Brogan kills her husband. Galtero carries the woman off into the darkness while Brogan and Lunetta talk about casting another spell upon the Duchess. 

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