When my Queen asks for an army, I bring her one.
―General Baldwin[src]

Baldwin was the General and commander of all the Keltish forces.

After the death of Cathryn Lumholtz there were no more members of the royal family of Kelton and General Baldwin feared a costly civil war in Kelton. To prevent this, he traveled to Aydindril to seek Richards advice. When Richard responded that he would appoint Kahlan Amnell as Queen of Kelton he was very pleased because this meant that the D'Haran empire regarded his country as important as (former) rival country Galea. After hearing Richard's decision he traveled back to Kelton to spread the joyous news.

When Adydindril was under atrack by the Blood of the Fold and the Mriswith, General Baldwin personally led the Keltish army that traveled to Aydindril to help Richard and the D'Haran army defend the city.

Later general Baldwin came to the aid of Kahlan when Richard was captured by Nicci and taken to Altur'Rang and Kahlan led the D'Haran army against the forces of the Imperial Order. At first Kahlan was denied the aid of the Keltish army by General Leiden, but General Baldwin gatherd his army and came to Kalans aid none the less. Upon his arrival he stated: "When my queen asks for an army, I bring her one."  

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