Beata was a Haken girl who joined the Army of Anderith.

Biography Edit

Beata was raised by the butcher Inger, who sees her almost like his own daughter, even though he is an Ander. Beata sees herself as a Haken with evil ways and sees all other Haken's no better. When the Minister of Culture and imperial emissary, Bertrand Chanboor and Stein respectively, raped her, she was forced to leave her homeplace and join the army. She made her way of becoming sergeant, and gained her own troops. Later, when she met Fitch again, he tells her he is being followed by Cara, because he stole the Sword of Truth. A troop of the Imperial Order ambushed the Beata's troop at the Dominie Dirtch, and easily killed her whole troop. Fitch gave his life protecting Beata, by using the Sword of Truth. The sword then was taken by one of the soldiers of the Order, and Cara went after them after helping Beata. Cara rescued one of the female members of Beata's troops and they fled into the Midlands. Their fate is unknown.

Personality and traits Edit

Beata was a strong Haken girl who dreamed of joining the army and doing good. She was rarely seen crying, however, she cried often in the times just before the Imperial Order took Anderith.

Appearances Edit

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