Bernadine Amnell was the Queen of Galea and mother of Cyrilla and Harold Amnell. She was the wife of Wyborn Amnell, before he was taken as the mate to the Mother Confessor.

Biography Edit

The marriage of Bernadine to Wyborn Amnell, was one to symbolise the joining together of their two lands. This new joint land would become known as Galea. Their marriage however, was not one of love. The pair had a mutual respect, however and saw it as their duty to strengthen their land.

Together Bernadine and Wyborn would have two children; Cyrilla and Harold. Despite being married to Wyborn, Bernadine would eventually fall in love with another man. Upon discovering the two, Wyborn viciously beats Bernadine.

Later when the Mother Confessor of the time comes to notice Wyborn, she asks the permission of Bernadine, though in effect it did not matter if Bernadine consented or not, if she would be able to take him as her mate, to produce a strong daughter. Bernadine consents and Wyborn is taken as the Mother Confessors mate. Together they would have a daughter; Kahlan Amnell.

Bernadine would go on to raise her children to respect the Confessors and all that they represent. She would live as Queen of Galea for many years, before dying and passing on the Crown to her daughter Cyrilla.