Bertrand Chanboor was the Minister of Culture of Anderith and gained the position of Sovereign after his predecessor's death. He was the husband to Hildemara Chanboor and together they became responsible for the fall of their land to the Imperial Order.

Biography Edit

Minister of Culture Edit

As Minister, Bertrand spent his time with many different women and cultivating his image as a pure person, so as to be appointed Sovereign when the current Sovereign died. He encouraged his advisor, Dalton Campbell, to do whatever was required in order to see that he became the next Sovereign.

Sovereign Edit

As sovereign, Bertrand convinced Dalton Campbell's wife, Teresa Campbell to be his lover. After learning of this from Hildemara Chanboor, Dalton took revenge by infecting the four of them with a disease from a prostitute, condemning them all to death.

Personality and traits Edit

Minister Chanboor often wore clothes that gave his soft rounded shape the illusion of being a more manly frame. He had intent eyes and an easy smile, that always seemed to be directed only to the person he had eye contact with at that moment.

Because of the power Bertrand radiated, as the Minister of Culture, he often left men in awed admiration and women in breathless yearning. Despite being married, he was quite the womanizer.

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