Betty is Jennsen's goat and companion.

Biography Edit

Jennsen's mother got her Betty because all their running from Darken Rahl kept Jennsen from having any friends. After the murder of her mother by the Imperial Order, who Jennsen believed to be soldiers from D'Hara, Jennsen and Betty fled with Sebastian in order to get revenge on Richard Rahl. At the People's Palace, Jennsen left Betty with Irma, but was unable to recover her on her way out. Distraught over the loss of Betty, Jennsen travelled to the Old World, to the Pillars of Creation. Tom, one of Lord Rahl's elite guards brought Betty, along with two of her three kids, to Jennsen there.

On their way north to meet up with Nicci, Nicholas the Slide used his ability to make the Black-tipped Races kill Betty's kids. Later, Betty traveled with the rest of them into Bandakar, where Nicholas used her to watch Richard, leading him to believe that Nicholas was unable to find him. After liberating Bandakar from the Imperial Order, Betty stayed there with Jennsen.

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