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  • Darckner


    January 31, 2015 by Darckner

    I cant wait for new SoT book by Goodkind, but I also dont want it to end. Warheart will be the last Kahlan and Richard book, so all good things must end. WHY?

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  • Maxusdenfries

    When i follow my path to the search of love and help i must keep maintain my war against the blockers of life not knowing where they are from and why the keep up appear with such high lies and physical matters damiging me.

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  • Darckner

    I was thinking that Severed Souls ending and Law of Nines. When I read the Law of Nines I thought that Richard and Kahlan were together and happy till the end and they had children and that Richard and Kahlan died of old age? Was that only me or did you all had these same feelings?

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  • Darckner

    Severed Souls ending

    September 17, 2014 by Darckner

    So, I was reading the end of the book like always when I start the new Sword of Truth book and I was like WHAT THE FUCK! If someone is read the book they would know what I'm talking about, but those who have not read the whole book SPOILERS!. So, Richard and Zedd dies in the end, Kahlan and Nicci survive. Kahlan is heartbroken, but Nicci has some hope that Richard is not fully dead. Book ends pretty much then when Kahlan asks some commander to retrieve the Sword from Richard. To me there is still hope. Severed Souls ends like there will be more... Am I wrong or am I right?

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  • Darckner

    the Third Kingdom

    September 29, 2013 by Darckner

    So I have read 30 chapters of this awesome book and I thought put some my thoughts of it. Here's gonna be some spoilers so dont read if you havent read the book as much as I or all of it. This book is much more Richard based than others, but that wasnt such supprise for me. I wanted more Nicci, but I got more Richard. There's more Kahlan too than Nicci. Well, I dont want to go details and I wanted to know what are your thougts of the book this far. I myself love it.

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  • Specialk16

    This is a follow up on Aetherium's blog post regarding the Save Our Seeker campaign and the deal with My Show Must Go On. 

    On the 21st of May, 2013 Aetherium asked us to vote on: to show our support for the TV series.

    15,000 votes was the vote count to reach in order to move the show to the crowdfunding phase, and as of today, we are over 500 votes past our goal! This is a huge step towards reviving the TV series and it  was all because of the fans. This does not mean, however, that we as a fan community cannot stop voting for the show (as shown by the continuing ability to vote).

    Keep up to date with the details of the campaign at the link above.


    -- 22:21, June 1…

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  • Darckner

    The third kingdom

    June 1, 2013 by Darckner

    So the new Sword of Truth book should be released today or days to come very soon. But I have to wait until autumn because in my country everything is late! Still I'm very excited to read more Richard and Kahlan stuff, but if they die in the ending I'm not gonna like it. Not one bit!

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  • Masa the Seeker fanatic

    In this blog, I will write about good for nothing (but important to me and maybe seeker fans, hopefully) stuff about Sword of Truth or Legend of the Seeker. 

    I like Legend of the Seeker.  Well, nobody calls himself "Seeker fanatic" unless he is the one so I do not have to say that out loud.  I also love Sword of Truth, the original books, and are "fanatically" reading them.  Then I love Cara but at the same time there is one more person that I want to see on TV shows.  That is Berdine.  The harrowing ordeal she went through was beyond imagining but the scene when Richard helps her overcome it is one of my favorite scenes along with the scene when he killed and helped his royal male protectors by killing mriswiths.  

    Of course many of the mos…

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  • Aetherium


    May 21, 2013 by Aetherium

    Vote for Legend of the Seeker! 

    "If fans can mobilize and get this show to the required 15,000 votes, we’ll take your requests to the producers and present Legend of the Seeker as a viable crowdfunding opportunity. Once we have their permission, we’ll move your show to the funding phase."  

    We need all votes you can give. Currently have 1841 votes of 15,000 votes on 1 day :) 

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  • Darckner

    the Law of Nines

    February 2, 2013 by Darckner

    So I've started reading the law of nines and it's been very good at this point. Jax reminds me of Nicci and it's good Alex in another hand reminds me of Richard so they mix together nicely.

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  • MrAnonymous

    I'm thinking about reading the books but I'm not sure I liked the show some what but I did have some problems with it like the creator being a woman(I felt the show was gender biased) not that I have a thing against women and female dieties but for some reason that felt like a face palm especially with the Keeper being in love with her it made no since to me that his driving motivation would be to reunite with her.

    I mean that makes him sound more of a anti hero(granted he did a lot of terrible things) because nobody really emphasized with that and it was never discussed after the first mention. For all they could know he wanted to see her again so he could appologize. The Creator also kind of sounded even more evil than The Keeper in my op…

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  • Darckner

    Omen Machine?

    October 8, 2012 by Darckner

    Currently I'm reading Omen Machine and I'm little puzzled the END word at the end of the book. Other books that word is no where to be seen? So, is this book the last one? Or is there gonna be new adventures of Richard and Kahlan? What is Terry's plan for these characters? I for one want some more adventures of Richard and Kahlan...

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  • Darckner

    Dragon Age vs. Sword of Truth

    September 17, 2012 by Darckner

    I've played Dragon Age II with Richard (Rahl) Hawke and it worked really good. My Hawke was a warrior, but I wanted him to be Mage so I'm gonna play Origins with Mage/Arcane warrior so my Gray Warden Richard Rahl would be more Seeker like. Mage with the sword. That would be so awesome. Currently I'm playing Saints Row: the third with Nicci so thats guite hot and fun. Who else is putting their favorite characters from Sword of Truth to games they love? Tell me I want to know that I'm not the only one who knows how to have fun.

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  • Darckner

    Who else is picturing books characters like they are in the TV series? I do, because it has great actors and they are just like in the books. Kahlan, Richard, Cara, Zedd, Jennsen and offcourse my favorite character Nicci are in the books just like they are in the TV series. Offcourse the TV series are not just like the books, but the characters are. To me they are and that is the important thing.

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  • Darckner

    Extreme fansism

    September 2, 2012 by Darckner

    I've read all the books except Omen Machine and I LOVE them all. The TV series are good too, but it has it's flaws. Actors in the series are just like I pictured them in the books. Maybe because I watched the TV series first and then read the books, but it dosnt matter to me. My favorite character in the books is Nicci. I just dont like the treatment of her by Terry. Stop tortorying her. She's been through enough. That's all for now...

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  • Coyotesky

    Bladder Control

    August 6, 2011 by Coyotesky

    I'm up to book 4 the temple of winds in the sword of truth series. I've listened to Debt of Bones and Law of Nines audio books. I've noticed in almost every book so far there is always a female character that pisses themself.

    Rachel, wet herself when she meet the wolf in the first book. Scared kids wet themselves, I guess it happens. Then one of the sisters of the dark wet themselves when they meet Jangang in blood of the fold. Telling them what he could do was terrifying to them, but I just thought it was weird and out of place. I mean it was funny that the sisters were linked and they all felt it; but they have such great control of their han but not their badders it seems. Then another little girl wet herself in blood of the fold when Ze…

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  • ShadowTale

    Hi folks, I am an Admin for the Deadliest Warrior wiki. We are currently putting Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander against Lord Voldemort(harry potter series) to see who is deadliest. So if anyone is interested, stop by and vote for whoever you honestly think would win.

    Thanks very much for your time. Have a great day --ShadowTale 00:00, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Rahl1995

    Howdy yall. I just want to know what any of you think will happen in the new uppcoming book.

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  • Julz19ski

    "62-65-77-61-72-65-20-6f-66-20-74-68-65" This series of numbers is currently on Terry Goodkind's website under a status update. Anyone know if this number means something?

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  • The Evelyonian

    Just finished The Law of Nines. All I can say What a way to conclude the Sword of Truth series. The book really answered a lot of questions left open at the end of Confessor. However, it also raised quite a few more. One in particular is: What happened to the House of Rahl? Jax made it quite clear that the Rahl line no longer existed in her world. She explains that, shortly after the war with the Imperial Order ended, history simply forgets the House of Rahl.

    One interesting theory I've found is based on a portion from Stone of Tears. In SoT Richard is distraught over discovering that he is a Rahl. Kahlan suggests that, after they are married, he could take her family name (Amnell) as husbands of Confessors often do. Richard seem…

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  • Stphnkendall

    I have just finished the entire series, including debt of bones. All of it was so good, I couldn't belive that it was over when I read the last line said by Richard... It all seemed to be waiting for Goodkind to write another. I really wish he would but I guess all things good in life hve to end sooner or later. I plan on writing another story to pass the time. I wanted to use goodkinds characters to keep their spirits alive. Thanks for creating this site so I could be more involved with this novel. I love it so much. The only thing I might have missed was what happened to the beast exactly? ;) ------- stphnkendall----

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