Blood of the Fold chapter one summary and miscellaneous information.

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Sisters Ulicia, Armina, Nicci, Merissa, Tovi, and Cecilia awake from a dream that was not a dream. Instead of their Master, the Keeper, visiting them like usual in their dream, it was Emperor Jagang who came to them. They discuss how this was possible and what they must do to free themselves from Jagang's grasp.

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  • It is learned that Sister Liliana is endlessly tortured by the Keeper, because of her failure to him.

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  • "Seeing these women she knew so well in such a state was unnerving, but it was the sight of Merissa's unbridled fear that really shook Ulicia. She had never known a Sister as composed, as unemotional, as implacable, as merciless, as Merissa. Sister Merissa had a heart of black ice."