Blood of the Fold chapter five summary and miscellaneous information.

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The Sisters of the Light hold a funeral rite for Annalina Aldurren and Nathan Rahl. Verna Sauventreen and Warren worry about the possibility of there being more Sisters of the Dark among them. They are met by Kevin Andellmere, who informs Verna she is wanted at the Palace of the Prophets.

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  • Annalina Aldurren and Nathan Rahl are not actually dead. Their deaths are staged so they can leave the palace to help Richard fulfill prophecy to stop Jagang.
  • It is said that Emperor Jagang has a more vast army than any ever assembled. Including those during the Great War.
  • Both Warren and Verna have had feelings for each other in the past.

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  • "I think you see more wrinckles than are there, Sister Verna." - Warren