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Blood of the Fold chapter six summary and miscellaneous information.


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The Prelate's ring of office is found, however, it is protected by a Light Web. No Sister is able to breach it, except for Verna Sauventreen. With the ring, is the final order of Annalina Aldurren; Verna is to be named Prelate.


Interesting Facts & NotesEdit

  • The criteria of becoming Prelate is revealed.

Characters IntroducedEdit

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters MentionedEdit

Settings and LocationsEdit

Spells & Magical ItemsEdit

Miscellaneous InfoEdit

Memorable linesEdit

  • "We're in a lot of trouble, aren't we, Verna."
"A whole palace full of it, Warren, all wrapped up nice and neat with a gold ring." - Conversation between Warren and Verna after she becomes the new Prelate

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