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Richard leaves Mistress Sanderholt and starts finding his way to set few things right at Aydindril .. Using the tall buildings and his skills of being a Woods Guide, he makes his way through the huge city of the Confessors and Wizards.. He, however, no longer takes himself as a Woods Guide anymore as he has realised that he is the one who has to take responsibility of setting the world in the order it should be in.

He finds a hord of vendors and sellers all around the area surrouunding the Palace and buildings. Most of them were those who were promised Gold by the Executioners of Kahlan and the members of the fake Central Council of the Midlands .

He comes accross a girl selling Honey Cake made by her Grandmother. Girl address him as a Lord and requests him to buy her cake for a Penny. He smiles and insists not to be called a Lord as he is a common man. She points his sword and tell him only lords carry a guilded and jwelled swords as carried by him. Her grandmother asks him if he has taken the Sword or has it been given to him.. He understand that the old woman has realised he is not a common man but a Seeker and she wanted to know if he has stolen the sword or has taken it by force or has been given by a Wizard for being a True Seeker . He cryptically tells her that he has been named by the First of the Wizards. She feels relieved and urges him to "whack the Virmins" who have made the common folks lazy by promissing them gold.

Lost in the thoughts of Kahlan Richard walked into the a column of Nicobarese soldiers. The General of the troop yelled at him that he delayed them from urgent business of stopping the Keeper . Richard told him that he is also fighting Keeper and hence is at their side. The General became furious at his reply and wated to interrogate him. Suddenly Richard was lifted by two very strong and muscular hands by his arms. The uniforms of the people who lifted him suggested that they are D’Harans. He tried to say something but a hand of one of his captors clasped at his mouth and took him into a narrow passageway where he found four cloaked figures waiting for him.

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