Bloodline is the sixteenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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While on a quest to prevent the Third Box of Orden from winding up in the hands of Darken Rahl, Richard learns a startling revelation about his friend, Zedd.

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Zedd hides the Third Box of Orden in the Plains of Morrow, using the bones and blood of the wizards that died in the Wizard's War to boost his powers to help hide the box. Suspecting this, Darken Rahl commands Denna to retrieve the box by contacting the pristinely ungifted one (Jennsen). Once in every generation, a child is born that cannot be touched by magic, nor can they use magic. Magic becomes null when they are involved. Those pristinely ungifted are feared by the Rahl family, as they cannot be subverted or manipulated to the Rahl rule so the Rahls executed them.

Denna uses Jennsen's mother, Tarralyn, to manipulate Jennsen to retrive the box, in the middle of the Plain, then explaining to Jennsen how Jennsen nullifies magic.

Richard, Jennsen, Kahlan & Zedd

Richard, Kahlen and Zedd move to intercept the interlopers, and Richard sees that Denna is still alive. As he moves to free Jennsen and retrive the box, Zedd moves to free Tarralyn and they instantly recognize each other. Denna escapes on a horse that Tarralyn is tied to, dragging Tarralyn behind her.

Jennsen is told that the person who rescued her is The Seeker, and reveals that Tarralyn is also his mother, because she is his sister. In trying to steer Richard to sacrifice his mother for the greater good, Zedd finally reveals to Richard that Tarralyn is his daughter, and Jennsen is his granddaughter.

Driven by the need to meet his mother, Richard allies himself with Denna to exchange the Third Box of Order for a map of the People's Palace, so he can steal the other two boxes. In the negotiation, Richard's eyes can't help but look at Tarralyn with longing, which causes Denna to realize the woman's importance and uses her Agiel to kill her. Denna bargains that she will give Tarralyn the breath of life provided that Richard returns with the third box before sunrise.

Jennsen, as the pristinely ungifted, is able to walk through the People's Palace to retrieve the other two boxes unhampered by Rahl's magical defenses. Richard is then betrayed by Denna who wants to use all three boxes for herself so she can rule through the power of the Boxes of Orden. To prevent this, Richard opens all three boxes and controls the power of Orden. He commands Denna give his mother the breath of life, and finds that Denna lied to him and is unable to bring her back. Richard then uses his power to kill Denna's soldiers and command Kahlen to punish Denna. Jennsen, realizing the subjugating power of the boxes, separates them and breaks the boxes power over Richard. Denna begs for mercy by begging them to kill her, which Richard refuses as she killed his mother.

After administering rites to his mother, Richard tells Jennsen that he'll leave her with friends in the resistance and when everything is over, Jennsen, Richard and Zedd will live as a family.

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The Breath of Life that was introduced in Denna (TV episode) is again seen in this episode. In this episode the audience learns that there is a limit to the time period in which a person can be revived by the Mord-Sith once dead. However the specific time period is not stated.

The Breath of Life is glamorized here, but not unique to the Legend of the Seeker TV series. It does appear in the Sword of Truth book series, but rather as a rough equivalent to standard mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.