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The Book of Inversion and Duplex was a powerful magical book stolen from the Temple of the Winds, via the entrance through the path of betrayal. Sister Amelia, under the control of Emperor Jagang, used the Book of Inversion and Duplex to spark the beginning of a firestorm in the form of a plague that began consuming the Midlands. Hundreds of thousands died, starting with children. The plague was finally ended when Richard Rahl gained entry to the Temple of the Winds and took the plague into himself, as demanded by the spirit of his father, Darken Rahl. Wizard Nathan Rahl bargained the book from Jagang and taught Kahlan Amnell to call upon the three Chimes, Reechani, Sentrosi, and Vasi in order to save Richard from the plague. Invoking the protection of the chimes saved Richard from certain death. By using Sorcerer's sand and the Book of Inversion and Duplex, and beseeching the Chimes, Kahlan unleashed these creatures, who were created 3,000 years previous, during the great war of the wizards, by wizards who could command powerful Subtractive Magic as well as the Additive Magic. The chimes, while in the world of life, had the ability to nullify Magic completely. Richard, while in Anderith, discovered the spirit of Joseph Ander and, with nothing but creative magic and his power of persuasion, convinced the chimes to turn on their captor, thus banishing them back to the underworld.

In Phantom, Zedd stated that the book was used to invert a Spell Form to find flaws within. The original spell forms would have flaws, but the inversion would be a mirror image without the flaws.

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