A boundary warden was a heavily armed and capable individual in Westland and the Midlands, assigned to patrol the impassable boundary between Westland and the Midlands and the Midlands and D'Hara. It was rumored that if a boundary warden did not want to be seen, he could be standing on your foot and you would not be able to find him.

The boundary wardens' main job was to keep people away from the boundary, in order to keep the creatures in it weak, particularly the heart hounds. Most people did not understand what the boundary wardens did or what the boundary was. Many were afraid of the boundary, mostly older people. Many others thought they knew what was best and would go near it to poach. The boundary wardens gave them something real to be afraid of. Out of a fear of the boundary wardens, people stayed away. To a few it was a game to see if they could get close to the boundary without being caught. The boundary wardens did not expect to catch everyone and they did not need to. What they cared about was scaring enough of them away so the creatures in the boundary would not gain strength from feeding off the people.

Boundary wardens protected the people, but not by preventing them from going into the boundary. Their job was to keep most of the people away and keep the creatures in the boundary weak enough so they could not come out and get everyone else. The wardens had all seen things that had gotten loose from the boundary. As the boundary itself weakened, more and more things got loose. Although they were paid by the Westland government, the boundary wardens' allegiance was not to the government or any rule of law. Their only duty was to protect the people from the things that come out of the darkness. They considered themselves sovereign. They took orders when it did not hinder their job, to keep things friendly. Ultimately, the true Seeker was the only one whose orders they would follow, because their cause was a part of his larger cause.

Michael Cypher called all the boundary wardens in Westland in as his personal guard during his inauguration party as First Councilor. He also had the boundary wardens as commanders of the Westland Army when he organized it to send after Richard Cypher.

Richard's friend Chase was the leader of the boundary wardens in Westland.