Bounty is the third episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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When Darken Rahl offers a reward to anyone who captures the Seeker, deadly mercenaries set their sights on Richard Cypher, turning him from hunter to hunted.

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Richard, Kahlan and Zedd are attacked by a band of mercenaries, one of whom, they find, was carrying a map that tracks Richard's location. Soon after they discover that Darken Rahl is offering a reward for capture of the Seeker, a woman named Lily asks for their help to save her brother from the Shadrin, a mythical monster. When the group finds yet another map tracking Richard, Zedd sets off to find the mapmaker Sebastian (Ted Raimi). Richard and Kahlan follow Lily to find her brother but it turns out to be a trap. Lily wants to exchange Richard for her brother, who is to be executed by the Rahl's soldiers. Meanwhile, Zedd warns the mapmaker not to make any more maps to track the Seeker. He returns in time to save Richard and Kahlan from capture. Richard helps Lily's brother escape. In return, Lily helps to spread word that the Seeker is here to help them.

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