Cathryn Lumholtz was the former Duchess of Kelton, before ascending to the level of Queen. She was spelled by Lunetta Brogan at the command of Tobias Brogan and was later killed by mriswith, while attempting to assassinate Richard Rahl for Brogan.

Biography Edit

Duchess Lumholtz is first introduced during an assembly called by Richard. She and her husband strikes a conversation with Tobias, Galtero and Lunetta as they await Richard's speech. 

The duchess is angered by Richard's demands and is one of the people who tries to challenge him. After Richard adjourns the meeting, the duke and duchess head back home in the blistering cold. Unbeknownst to them, Tobias has had Lunetta cast a circle spell on the couple that would force them to walk endlessly around a midden heap at the outskirts of town.

Tobias, Lunetta and Galtero head over to the midden heap where they had left the pair. After a brief altercation, Tobias rips open the front of the duchess' dress. The duke tries to come to his wife's defense but is frozen in place by Lunetta's magic while Galtero pins down the duchess.

The woman begs Tobias to let her go, but he slices off her left nipple instead. Lunetta uses the nipple to cast a spell that would force the duchess to do their bidding. Once this spell is done, Lunetta heals the woman's breast. The healing, however, leaves the duchess without a left nipple. Tobias then has Lunetta cast another spell on the duchess. Galtero drags the duchess off into the darkness to have her on top of the midden heap while her husband is murdered by Tobias.

Duchess Lumholtz returns to the Confessor's palace to surrender Kelton to Richard in return for Richard's protection. Richard finds her inexplicably attractive but resists her charms. He manages to get her to transfer power over Kelton to D'Hara.

One night, the duchess walks in to his bedroom and tries to seduce Richard. Richard is ready to give in to his desire but last minute realizes that the duchess is so attractive because of magic. The woman tries to stab Richard but before he can defend himself, she is suddenly killed by a mirswith.

After her death, Richard discovers that Duchess Lumholtz is missing her left nipple. This allows him to discover that Berdine is also missing her left nipple, helping Richard save Berdine. 

Since Duchess Lumholtz was the last surviving member of the Royal Family of Kelton, Richard appoints Kahlan to succeed the duchess as queen.

Personality and traits Edit

Cathryn Lumholtz was an attractive young woman of Keltan origin, with black curly hair and brown eyes. Cathryn originally enjoyed wearing extravagant dresses, jewelry and facial paint. However, after being spelled at the command of Tobias Brogan, her new master realized she would be far more attractive if she were to dress in more simple and delicate clothing.

Queen Lumholtz then began to wear simpler dresses that served to reveal her voluptuous figure. Her young, but mature face, was also less painted than previously. Her long, black hair was worn in ringlets. She usually wore bright red lipstick.

Cathryn was also pompous, talkative and selfish. Her pompousness was seen by her showing off of her expensive jewelry and her bragging about her inheriting Kelton. She showed herself to be talkative when she approached Brogan and kept speaking despite Brogan being uninterested and unresponsive. She showed her selfishness by how easily she was willing to denounce her husband when she was threatened by Brogan to protect herself. Because of the possession magic, she only had one nipple. Her master forced her to paint herself a nipple on her left breast to make up for this defect.

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