Chandalen was a Mud Person, who traveled with Kahlan Amnell for some time. She also taught him a bit of the common language of the Midlands. He was eventually named a village elder of his people.

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Chandalen is the leader of the hunters responsible for protecting the Mud People's tribe from outsiders. He was the strongest warrior of the Mud People prior to Richard and Kahlan joining the tribe. Chandalen's grandfather was an elder when the Mud People were a peaceful tribe, and taught them how to kill outsiders after the Jocopo started war with them. He taught the Mud People how to hide in the grasses, and how to fight against a much larger foe, as well as the use of weapons such as spears, knives, and the troga. Chandalen inherited the position of protector, he is very proud of his lineage and his abilities.

Attack on the village by Draken Rahl Edit

After the death of many Mud People at the hands of Darken Rahl, Chandalen placed the blame of their deaths solely at the feet of Richard Cypher, who Rahl had been hunting. Rahl unable to harm Richard, due to him being protected by the markings on his body that allow him to communicate during a gathering, took out his rage on the many who died.

Attack on village by Bantak Edit

In preparation to call the ancestors, Richard Cypher ate the meat of the enemy that he had killed in order to protect Chandalen. He had a vision of the Mud People being attacked by the Bantak. Chandalen refused to believe the vision because the Bantak are peaceful people. Richard told the elders that the killed enemy was the son of the Bantak spirit guide, and that the Bantak would be driven to attack the Mud People because the Mud People killed him.

Chandalen said he would take his warriors to the east and stop the Bantak if the vision was true. Richard said the Bantak would come from the north. Chandalen refused to believe that, and the elders let Chandalen take the warriors to the east.

Richard and Kahlan Amnell went north. The Bantak did come from the north as Richard said. They were able to convince the Bantak that they were being led by false spirits. The Bantak regarded Richard with awe and believed him when he said he was a wizard. War was averted.

The Bird Man sent a hunter to bring Chandalen and his group back when Richard and Kahlan returned.

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Chandalen was a short man with a shorter temper especially towards outsiders of the mud people, he was also egotistical and narcissistic, he took to blaming Richard and Kahlan for every bad thing that happened in the village.

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