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A captain of Galean forces who Kahlan Amnell brought to join the D'Haran Army.
Abigail (Abby)
the daughter of a sorceress named Helsa but was not a sorceress herself. She was instrumental in aiding First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander end the devastating D'Haran War, which resulted in the creation of the boundaries.
Adie (Bone Woman)
A very powerful sorceress with knowledge of bones of magic.
A Keltish driver who hauled iron from Tristen to various other places so that smiths could use it to make fine weapons. He later aided Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander and Adie when they were infected with underworld magic by a skrin.
Annalina Aldurren (Ann)
The Prelate of the Sisters of the Light for nearly eight hundred years. Ann spent the better half of a millennium carefully influencing events set down by prophecy, so as to ensure that magic, and the freedom of all people, would not be destroyed by the shadow of the Imperial Order.
The father of Lester.
A Sister of the Dark, who was reformed by Annalina and returned to the Light. She helped Ann escape Emperor Jagang and died defending Richard from Brother Narev.
Kevin Andellmere
A swordsman and Palace Guard at the Palace of the Prophets from the army of the Imperial Order. He guarded the Prelate's compound.
Joseph Ander (The Mountain)
A wizard and a maker. He trapped the chimes in the Dominie Dirtch that defended Anderith.
Beth Anderson
Darby's sister who was very ill with the plague.
Clive Anderson
The father of Darby Anderson.
Darby Anderson
The little boy from Kip and Yonick's Ja'La team.
Erling Anderson
The grandfather of Darby Anderson.
Hattie Anderson
The mother of Darby Anderson.
Lily Anderson
Darby's youngest sister who had the tokens on her and died from the plague shortly after being visited by Richard and Kahlan.
Sister Amelia
A Sister of the Dark and one of Verna's dearest friends when growing up. She was later captured by Emperor Jagang and forced to revoke the Keeper to enter the Temple of the Winds and start the plague.
Queen Bernadine Amnell
Bernadine Amnell was the Queen of Galea and mother of Cyrilla and Harold Amnell. She was the wife of Wyborn Amnell, before he was taken as the mate to the Mother Confessor.
Queen Cyrilla Amnell
Cyrilla Amnell was the Queen of Galea during the Imperial War and half-sister to Kahlan Amnell.
Prince Harold Amnell
The leader of the armies of Galea.
Kahlan Amnell
Kahlan Amnell was the Mother Confessor of all the Midlands and, later, the wife of the Seeker of Truth and the Lord Rahl of D'Hara, Richard Rahl.
King Wyborm Anmell
Wyborn Amnell was the King of Galea, ruling equally with his wife Bernadine. He was the father of Cyrilla, Harold, and Kahlan Amnell, the latter of which was produced through his mateship with the Mother Confessor.
A wizard and commander of a large military unit of the D'Haran army under the command of Panis Rahl during the war between D'Hara and the Midlands.
A healer at the People's Palace.
Soldier Annette
A Haken girl who joined the Twenty-Third Regiment of the Ander army with Beata and was killed when Imperial Order soldiers attacked Beata’s station of the Dominie Dirtch.
A Bandakaran eager to rid his people of the Imperial Order. He was stabbed by a speaker of the Bandakaran council who was in turn killed by Richard.
Elder Arbrin
A village elder of the Mud People.
Sister Armina
A Sister of the Dark, who was one of four involved in the Chainfire plot and the kidnapping of Kahlan Amnell. She was later recaptured by Emperor Jagang and was part of a reconnaissance mission that resulted in her murdering Annalina Aldurren and capturing Nicci.
Ashley was one of Queen Cyrilla's ladies-in-waiting. She was murdered by the Imperial Order in Ebinissia.
Governor Ashmore
Ashmore was one of the governors in charge of the trade commission in Kelton.
Sister Aubrey
Aubrey was a Sister of the Light who was captured by Emperor Jagang during the Imperial Order War. Later, she was among the Sisters that betrayed Prelate Annalina Aldurren to Jagang's guards when she attempted to rescue the captured Sisters.
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