Claudine Winthrop was the woman who sent the letter to Director Linscott accusing Minister Chanboor of rape. She was the wife to Edwin Winthrop before her death.

Biography Edit

Claudine Winthrop was an Ander, respected and married to Edwin Winthrop who had made his own fortune (with her help, of course). She was well liked, and eventually attracted the attention of the Minister of Culture, Bertrand Chanboor. After forcing himself on Claudine, she writes a letter to Director Linscott, which was passed to Dalton Campbell. Dalton, acting on behalf of Betrand and his wife, had her beaten and threatened to stay silent by Fitch and Morley.

She was then manipulated into passing a law that effectively ruined the Director’s position and holding on the public, therefore losing the trust and ability to have him help her be heard.

Eventually, it was thought best by Bertrand’s wife, Hildemara Chanboor, to have her killed. She was murdered on a walk home by a larger group of Haken boys.

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