Commander Karg is a trusted commander in the Imperial Order army. His most notable attribute is his savage appearance, amplified by the scales tattooed all over his body. Some characters refer to him as "Snake-Face" behind his back because of this appearance. Karg enters the story when he notices Richard's handiwork with a sword when he is attempting to escape from Six in Tamarang. He is amazed at Richard's ability to wield a blade and decides that Richard would make a great Point Man on his Ja'La team. He takes custody of Richard despite the protests of Six, stating that Richard is now a prisoner of the Order for killing so many of his soldiers.

Karg is manipulated by Richard several times while holding Richard captive. The most important of which is the time when Richard requested red paint to cover his face and the faces of his teammates. He asks this under the pretense that it will be a means of distinguishing his team from other teams and instilling fear into the competition. In reality it is done so that Jagang will not recognize him as the Lord Rahl while watching the Ja'La games.

Karg's team, lead by Richard, makes it all the way to playing the Emperor's team. Before the last match, Karg makes a bet with Jagang, which will entitle him to rape Nicci for a night if his team beats Jagang's. Richard's team would have beaten Jagang's team by several points, but Jagang is so infuriated that he calls several obviously false penalties against Richard's team, preventing them from winning. It is very obvious to the crowd that Richard's team won the match and that Jagang is a sore loser, which eventually creates a civil war in the order's camp over the outcome of the game. After the game Jagang finally concedes that Karg has earned some time with Nicci, but this never comes to pass because Nicci escapes Jagang during mass confusion after the game.