Constructed magic is made up in advance, contrary to conjured magic, and usually good only once. The magic is often stored in a device and when it's needed, the spell is triggered and the magic is loosed. The magic is used up by doing what it was constructed to do and since no wizard now is able to construct such a spell, constructed magic is rare. Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander has shown to be knowledgeable of, and able to use some form of this magic.

Constructed magic can go undetected by even those with the gift. It can be preserved for a great period of time —at least thousands of years, maybe even forever.

Trying to repel the constructed magic unleashed is futile and can be triggered by just about anything. Some are triggered by a change in dryness or temperature, others by just a little magic, or an elaborate application of incredibly intricate wizardry and great power.

Uses for constructed magic Edit

  • A crop fertilizer that comes to life when it gets wet as the spring rains come.
  • A cure for fever that is triggered by heat.
  • Light web