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Constructed magic can go undetected by even those with the gift. Trying to repel the constructed magic unleashed is futile. Constructed magic is much different from conjured. Rather than using the gift on the spot, constructed magic has already been made up in advance. It can be preserved for a great period of time-thousands of years, maybe even forever. When it's needed, the spell is triggered and the magic is loosed. It can be triggered by just about anything. It also depends on how it was constructed. No wizard now is able to construct such a spell. Little is known about the ancient wizards or what they could do, but from what little we do know, a constructed spell could be something kept dry that comes to life when you get it wet-for example something to help fertilize crops when the spring rains come. It could be triggered by heating, like a cure taken for a fever-the cure carries a construction and the fever triggers it. Others are triggered by a little magic, some by an elaborate application of incredibly intricate wizardry and great power. A constructed spell is usually good only once. It's used up by doing what it was constructed to do. That's one reason they're rare; once used, they're gone forever, and there are no longer any wizards alive who can make more. Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander has shown to be knowledgeable of, and able to use some form of this magic.

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