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When a powerful woman claiming to be the Creator threatens Richard, unraveling the mystery of her true identity becomes a matter of life and death for the Seeker. The compass stops working when a mysterious illness spread by Banelings causes Zedd distress at his inability to heal them, a mysterious girl called Maia appears and heals them. Claiming to be the Creator, she reveals that she is there to sentence Richard to death for being an agent of The Keeper. Kahlan, unconvinced at the girl's claim to divinity tries to find out the truth only to realize that the girl knew about Kahlan's prayers as a child. As the Creator gives her a full account of Kahlan's fervent prayers whilst locked in a cellar as a child Kahlan feels unnerved and somewhat convinced. Maia then tells her how she and The Keeper were lovers until he grew jealous of her love for her children (Humans), tricking her into killing her first born. The Creator's grief was so great that it manifested as the Stone of Tears and used it to banish the Keeper to the underworld. She also tells Kahlan that banishing the Keeeper was the hardest thing she ever did or will ever do.

Cara rushes to find Jason, Maia's husband, but is attacked by two sisters of the light. Jason agrees to come with Cara when she kills the sisters. Maia holds a full court condemning the Seeker by giving examples from previous episodes dating from season one. But Zedd and the Mother Confessor retaliate with his better deeds from before. Maia, determined to sentence the Seeker and to take the Mother Confessor back to the Prelate for her own safety, keeps twisting Richard's attempt at salvation. Jason arrives to tell everyone that Maia had been a normal woman until the Sisters of the Light gave her all their Han and convinced her she was the divine Creator. Darken Rahl meanwhile finds out that the Creator is in human form and commands his banelings to search for her. On finding her location, Rahl tries to open a rift under Maia, who uses all of her han to close it after Richard saves her life. The Keeper is incensed at his failed attempt while Rahl asks for forgiveness. Shocked at his actions, Maia decides not to kill Richard, happy that he is on the side of good and disappears. The Compass begins to work again and points in a new direction.

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  • Keisha Castle-Hughes as Creator/Maia
  • Brett Coutts as Gabriel
  • Craig Hall as Drago
  • Yvette Reid as Sister Aryn
  • Dan Musgrove as Jason
  • W. Morgan Sheppard as Voice of the Keeper
  • Rachelle Duncan as Irene

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