Cursed is the nineteenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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When a king is transformed into a vicious beast to keep Darken Rahl's D'Haran soldiers at bay, he seeks Richard's help after he begins to murder his own people.

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King Gregor, an ally of the Seeker, allows Shota to curse him with magic that transforms him at sunset into a beast called the Calthrop in order to protect his kingdom from Rahl's army. However, he is unable to control the Calthrop as it preys on the innocents, forcing Richard and Kahlan to kill him. Meanwhile, Zedd discovers from Shota that without the Calthrop, the D'Harans will be able to take over the throne. Upon the D'Harans' invasion, Zedd and Shota use magic to darken the sky, unleashing the Calthrop. Corah, who inherited the throne and the Calthrop curse from King Gregor, turns into the beast herself, driving the D'Harans away. Just as Corah decides not to hide the identity of the Calthrop from her people, Kahlan realizes that she must accept and learn to control her magic. After returning, Zedd reveals the existence of a second Book of Counted Shadows and that they must find it before Rahl.

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  • This episode marks the second appearance of Shota.