Dahlia was a Mord-Sith and a childhood friend of Cara.

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It is revealed that both Dahlia and Cara were taken from a village called Stowecroft around the same time. During their training it is said that Dahlia and Cara became very close and held each other's hands to keep from crying.

Dahlia is introduced in Eternity when she finds Cara convinces her that her son was still alive and that he had been taken by the Sisters of the Dark. Cara, Dahlia, and Zedd set off to find the missing child. One night, Cara and Dahlia kiss and this reveals that they are much closer than just friends. When they had almost reached their destination, Dahlia and four other Mord-Sith attacked Zedd and Cara, taking them prisoner.

Darken Rahl attempts to retrain Cara but fails until the Sisters of the Dark enchant an Agiel so that it contains the soul of everyone Cara has ever killed or hurt.

"Its touch is more painful than all the fires of the underworld"- Darken Rahl.

With Cara's training finished Dahlia brings out Zedd so that Cara can kill him. Instead she attacks her fellow Mord-Sith and both she and Zedd escape. When Zedd gets the Stone of Tears Cara steals it and takes it back to Rahl.

In the next episode Rahl orders Cara, Dahlia, and several other Mord-Sith to kill the Sisters of the Dark that are traveling with them. Rahl then takes the Stone to a different location while the Mord-Sith go and attack Richard.

During the fight Dahlia is confessed and Cara is knocked unconscious. Due to the touch of the confessor, Dahlia is killed and Cara is distraught. When Zedd preforms the spell of undoing on Cara, things in the past are changed. Cara does not become a Mord-Sith and Dahlia comes back to life. Later in the episode Rahl orders Dahlia to kill Cara before Zedd can perform the spell on her again. Dahlia succeeds but Zedd instead preforms the spell of undoing on her instead, making it so that Dahlia never became a Mord-Sith. Zedd's gambit paid off, with the timeline being restored to normal and Cara having never left the side of the Seeker. After the spell was performed, it is most likely that Dahlia went back to being just an ordinary woman.

Dahlia was played by Laura Brent.

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