Dalton Campbell was Bertrand Chanboor's advisor who moved into the position of Minister of Culture after Chanboor became Sovereign.

Early Life Edit

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Advisor to Chanboor Edit

Dalton Campbell worked tirelessly to see that Bertrand Chanboor became the Sovereign once the current Sovereign died. He used the brainwashed Hakens in order to accomplish tasks to keep Chanboor safe from accusations of rape by Claudine Winthrop and Beata.

Minister of Culture Edit

After becoming Minister of Culture, Hildemara Chanboor revealed to him, to her enjoyment, that his wife, Teresa Campbell had begun an affair with her husband. In order to punish his wife and the Chanboors, he visited a prostitute in order to be infected with one of their diseases. He then spread it to Hildemara and his wife, as Teresa would afflict Bertrand.

Shortly before he succumbed to the disease, he killed Stein for taunting him about his wife, and for what he had done to Franca Gowenlock. He then took the Sword of Truth from his body and returned it to Richard Rahl.

Appearances Edit