A young woman named Abigail arrives at the Wizard's Keep and to speak with the First Wizard. Abby is from the town of Coney Crossing, in an area of the Midlands known as Pendisan Reach. While waiting in line outside of the Keep, several nobles from another land cut to the front of the line of people awaiting the counsel of wizards.  A sorceress named Delora takes the group inside and informs them that although they may seek the help of wizards, there is no guarantee their requests will be granted. She tells them that because of the war with D'hara, individual needs must be sacrificed for the good of many. She then informs them that there are two wizards ready to see each supplicant.

Abigail steps forward and asks to speak directly to the First Wizard, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander. Upon this request, Delora informs the group that Zedd has been named 'the wind of death' and asks if any others wish to risk an audience with him. The nobles that cut in line previously step forward as well, cutting in front of Abby once again. 

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