Demmin Nass was the right hand of Darken Rahl, and Rahl's most elite Commander.

Biography Edit

Demmin Nass served as Darken Rahl's commanding general. Large, Muscular, Poc faced, and with a slobbering loyalty to Darken Rahl, he would do any task Darken Rahl assigned him. He was a pedophile and child killer. He had killed between 80 and 120 of the boys he had molested, and Nass stated that most of his victims lived.

His pedophile nature ran him into trouble when he killed one of the boys he was abusing and blamed it on Brophy. This backfired when Brophy volunteered for confession from Kahlan, successfully proving his innocence.

Demmin Nass met his incredibly gruesome end when he told Kahlan (his captive, in the midst of Nass attempting to rape her) that Richard was dead. This put Kahlan into the Con Dar. In the Con Dar, she confessed Demmin Nass along with all her other captors. In her rage, and as penance for his crimes against children, Kahlan castrated a confessed Demmin Nass and forced him to eat the remains before slamming a mace into his skull.