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The Dominie Dirtch was a series of bell-shaped statues around the border of Anderith, used for defense. Upon striking the Dirtch, a wave of powerful magic is emitted and kills every living thing in its path. The effect it has on living beings is horrible, sloughing flesh off of bone.

It was believed that the Haken Warlords brought in all of the Dominie Dirtch and used them as a weapon of mass murder during their takeover of Anderith. When the Anders regained rule, so the story went, they decided that the Dirtch was the only “Haken” instrument they would retain. It was later learned by Richard Rahl that Joseph Ander himself created these powerful weapons in order to defend the land he ruled from the Hakens and other threats.

The Dominie Dirtch was powered by the Chimes of Doom, and upon their banishment back to the underworld, the Dirtch crumbled and fell. In the High D’Haran language, Dominie Dirtch means “Schooling the Demons”.

During Soul of the Fire, when Zedd tried to offer his own soul to the Chimes in hopes that they would “choke on it,” all of the Dominie Dirtch go off at once, despite not a single one having been struck. It has the effect of killing everyone in front of it.

An individual can pass the Dominie Dirtch by simply stuffing his or her ears full of material sufficient to keep from hearing the terrible tone it produces.

Effect on the ArmyEdit

Since the Dominie Dirtch was such an effective means of defense from foreign aggression, there was no need to maintain a powerful standing army. Because of this, the Anderith Army fell into severe dilapidation, being used mainly as healers, or police when necessary. In fact, the training to become a sergeant only took two weeks.

Only women could join the Anderith Army, but later Haken women were also allowed to join. This was mainly because no Haken men were allowed to carry a weapon, and Ander men were seen as too busy or too strong to join the relatively pathetic army, but could become guards instead. Only those few internal soldiers, mainly the Sovereign’s & Minister of Culture’s guards, were actually well-trained and battle-ready, but their numbers were so few that they would be negligible when faced with an invasion.

Imperial Order InvasionEdit

When the Dominie Dirtch were destroyed, Anderith had no defense against Jagang’s horde, and its pitiful army was quickly overrun.

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