Cathryn Lumholtz was the former Duchess of Kelton, before ascending to the level of Queen. She was spelled by Lunetta Brogan at the command of Tobias Brogan and was later killed by mriswith, while attempting to assassinate Richard Rahl for Brogan.

Biography Edit

Cathryn was formally a Keltan Duchess, and was going to be future queen of the Keltans. We are first introduced to her when she and her husband attend a meeting called by Richard Rahl, where Richard called for the surrender of all the Midland states. After Richard's speech, Lunetta, under Brogan's bidding, put her and her husband, the Duke, in a circle spell so that they would walk around a heap of midden endlessly.

Lunetta and Brogan plus Brogan's right hand man, Galtero, go to the midden heap in town where Lunetta previously casted the circle spell. Once atop the midden heap they wait in the blistering cold and heavy snow fall till the Duchess and Duke come around. The Duke and Duchess soon pass by and exchange a rude greeting to the three waiting for them. The second time around Cathryn gets annoyed and asks Brogan to stop following them. Galtero stares at her cleavage which angers her husband.

On the third pass of the midden heap, Cathryn got angry and stomped to a halt in front of Brogan, her cleavage rising and falling from anger. She started to insult Brogan. This in turn enraged Brogan, causing him to grab the white lace at her bosom and rip her yellow dress down to her waist, exposing her breasts. Her nipples get stiff in the cold wind. Lunetta then freezes the Duke solid like a statue and Galtero grabs Cathryn and holds her in place, twisting her arms and making her arch her back. The Duke's eyes dart about as he stands there immobilized. Cathryn begs Brogan to let her go but he grabs the woman's left nipple between his first knuckle and thumb and and then cuts it off with a sawing motion with his sword, since he had given Richard his knife as a ruse for surrender. Lunetta then takes the nipple and makes the Duchess Brogan's minion until her death.

Cathryn Lumholtz shivers from pain and cold, but Brogan commands her to stop, which she obeys immediately. Brogan then has Lunetta heal Cathryn's injured breast. Galtero gets turned on by Lunetta cupping Cathryn's breast. Brogan decides to kill Cathryn's husband, the Duke, by spilling his guts to make it look like a mriswith did it. When Galtero offers to do it, Brogan says that he can handle it himself, and instead suggests sex with Cathryn. Cathryn eyes move, looking at the three men, but she does not say anything. Brogan asks Galtero if he would like Cathryn to cooperate, but Galtero decides he would prefer to take her by force. Brogan then releases Cathryn to express her own true feelings about it. Galtero then drags her off to rape her on top of the midden heap, while she shrieks and flays her arms in protest to no avail.

After Galtero finishes with Cathryn, Brogan gets Lunetta to cast a glamour on her, in order to make Richard Rahl lust for her. He then gives her the task of killing Richard. With the help of Berdine, who is also spelld, she gets close to him by offering the surrender of Kelton, using this as a ruse for seducing him. After building up a relationship with Lord Rahl for a time, she decides to kill him one night and enters his room. Though, in that moment a mriswith enters and slashes her in half, tearing her gown up when it kills her. This leads to Richard discovering that Cathryn has a missing nipple, which makes him realize that she was spelled, and helps him discovery that Berdine is spelled as well. After her death, Richard decides to make Kahlan queen of the Keltons, as a replacement for Cathryn Lumholtz.

Personality and traits Edit

Cathryn Lumholtz was an attractive young woman of Keltan origin, with black curly hair and brown eyes. Cathryn originally enjoyed wearing extravagant dresses, jewelry and facial paint. However, after being spelled at the command of Tobias Brogan, her new master realized she would be far more attractive if she were to dress in more simple and delicate clothing.

Queen Lumholtz then began to wear simpler dresses that served to reveal her voluptuous figure. Her young, but mature face, was also less painted than previously. Her long, black hair was worn in ringlets. She usually wore bright red lipstick.

Cathryn was also pompous, talkative and selfish. Her pompousness was seen by her showing off of her expensive jewelry and her bragging about her inheriting Kelton. She showed herself to be talkative when she approached Brogan and kept speaking despite Brogan being uninterested and unresponsive. She showed her selfishness by how easily she was willing to denounce her husband when she was threatened by Brogan to protect herself. Because of the possession magic, she only had one nipple. Her master forced her to paint herself a nipple on her left breast to make up for this defect.

Appearances Edit

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