Elixir is the sixth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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In a village where anyone can buy magic, Zedd faces off against a dangerous wizard who was once his student.

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Richard is practicing his swordsmanship as he cuts through fruit floating in the air with help from Zedd. Zedd then makes a melon invisible and tells Richard to cut it. Richard starts cutting through the air with his sword blindly and doesn't get the melon. Zedd tells Richard that he needs to learn to see what is not there because some of Darken Rahl's minions can hide themselves with magic. Richard focuses not on where the melon is, but instead what is behind the melon and with this focus he is able to see where the melon is and cuts it in four parts. Richard gets excited and Zedd tells him that he should not get too excited because his enemies will be tougher than a melon.

Kahlan is bathing in a large stream when Richard walks up and sees her doing this. He watches for a few moments until she turns around and is startled to see him standing there, watching her. He fumbles with his words and says that he was just looking to fish. Kahlan then tells him that there is someone stealing their horses right behind Richard. Richard chases after the hooded figure on the three horses and manages to jump on a horse. After freeing a horse, Richard then jumps to another horse and then takes the hook off of the person stealing the horses. He sees that it is a young man and gets startled by this fact and the young man then is able to knock Richard off of the horse he is on and continue on with the horses.

After a long argument about how a highwayman stole the horses while the Seeker was distracted they decide to go to get their horses back in place called Drendril.

At Drendril, the young man enters into the town with the horses and notices a young beautiful woman selling flowers at a flower stand. But she doesn't notice him at all. A man offers the boy one magical vial for the horses that he's trading in. He goes up to Miranda (the girl selling flowers.) and says, "Hi." But his words go unnoticed. So he drinks the potion and says her name again only this time not only does she notice him but starts to kiss him passionately but then realizes she's doing something against her will and tells him to get away. Richard and the crew enter Drendril in search for the horses. Richard enters a bar and asks the female bartender some questions but she does not know anything. So she gives him a drink and says its on the house and that it looks like he could use it. He starts to drink when Zed and Kahlan arrive inside the bar. As they converse, Richard starts to get a vision of a the boy who stole the horses sitting at the bank of a lake sad. When they follow Richard he leads them straight to the boy without hesitation. Zed and Kahlan think this is some sort of Seeker power that they're not aware of. They question where the horses are to the boy but he can't tell who the peddlers were or they'll get him. Zed tells the boy that maybe they'll find a way to get him to confess. He then agrees to take them to him. When they got there, Richard asks for the horses back and immediately the peddler tells his goons to kill them. As the peddler goes after the boy, Kahlan confesses the peddler, having him defeat his own crew. When one of the goons is about to attack Zedd he uses his power to throw flames. Everyone runs in fear that there is an actual wizard. The bar tender then pops out of nowhere and says "I see you found what you were looking for" and that the punch she made for him was a magical drink and if he wants more than he knows where to find her. As Richard is on his way with them a man comes up, telling him that he saw the markings on the blade, that he knows Richard is the Seeker, that he wants them to help rid the magic in that town so people will start being peaceful and will actually buy food he sells.

We see one of the goons walking inside a cave where a wizard is and tells him that another wizard is in town. The wizard wants him to bring them to him. Meanwhile, the man who Kahlan confessed runs to her and tells her that he is at her service. She has Theodore draw her a map of the tower where the horses are so they can get them back and after that she wants him to go leave the village and take up honest work for a living. Along the journey Richard tries to approach Kahlan about why she acts the way she does after confessing someone, but we then notice a vial falling before them, breaking, and then smoke erupts, knocking them out and a couple of men grab Zedd and take him away after putting a collar on him to disable his magic against them. Later, Richard and Kahlan wake up to Zedd missing and also notices the broken vial laying on the ground. So they keep heading to the tower only to find out that they're not there.

Zedd wakes up only to see an old friend named Jeziah, a former student of his. Jeziah was mistaken when he heard there was another wizard in town-he assumed it was Darken Rahl. As they catch up on old times, Richard asks why Kahlan didn't keep Theodore around to help . She admits to him that when she confesses a person they lose their free will and become a slave to her. Kahlan doesn't believe it's right.

She then asks him to use his power to find Zedd but he then admits he only got the vision because the bar tender gave him a magical drink that made him find the boy. Later we see the wizards conversing and Jeziah shows Zedd what he has been up to. Jeziah has been making potions to make the town use them to gain powers in order to make an army of wizards to defeat Lord Rahl. Zedd doesn't like this idea and commands him to stop doing this. So Jeziah ties him up, covers his fingers, and slips the collar back on.

Back in Drendril, we see the boy being knocked around until the Seeker turns up and they start to fight. After the fight Richard tells Kahlan that he doesn't want to use magic to win but if he does not have a choice then he will to find Zedd, but Kahlan doesn't want him to because he'll turn into a magic-crazed fiend just like the rest of the people in town and before he knows it he'll go to great lengths to get potions, as its like a drug. Richard trades his necklace for a vision of Zedd but all he sees is him being drained of his magic so Jeziah can distill it and sell it in potions. The magic will also take Richard there but the effect doesn't last, so they must hurry. As Kahlan is acting disappointed with Richard, Theodore slams into him, knocking him unconscious as his head hits a rock. He was mistaken and thought Richard was going to hurt Kahlan. He only wanted to help. As soon as Richard woke up his power was gone and when he tried to remember the vision he remembered mossy rocks around which meant that they only grow when fresh water is near by. Theodore tells Kahlan that there's a lake not far away. But there was water dripping from above, which meant that they were under the lake, possibly in a cave. Theodore tells them that there are caves nearby south of the lake. They find Zedd laying on the ground powerless; they get him up and they start to chase down Jeziah's trail. They catch up to him and a huge fight ensues between them. Theodore sacrifices himself for Kahlan. Jeziah cloaks himself as he fights Richard. Richard then uses his sensing skills to defeat Jeziah, though he is not killed-instead they put the collar on him to wear forever. Quickly they rush to the stone that drained all of Zedd's powers. He spends the day regaining it back. Richard takes the time to go back to the village where he runs into Kahlan, who got his necklace back. Zedd, Kahlan, and Richard find out that now that there's no more magic, the stores are being shopped at and the old man is selling his fruit again, and also the young boy buys a flower for Miranda, telling her he's sorry for what he did but would like to be her friend and take things slow. She humbly accepts his offer, and the boy walks away. Zedd tells Kahlan that he knows her feelings for Richard, and reminds her that nothing could even come of them. So Zedd asks her if she will tell him, or if he'll  have to do it for her.

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