Emma Brandstone was the wife of Dell (Chase) Brandstone. She lived with her husband and children in Westland. She had several daughters with Chase, of which one was named Lee. She also became the adoptive mother to Rachel.

Biography Edit

When Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd came to her house bloodied from a recent attack, Emma remained unruffled (having seen Chase in much worse conditions) and cleaned Richard's wounds. Emma was still smiling but not as brightly in the morning when Richard, Kahlan and Zedd were preparing to leave with Chase as a guide.

Chase later returned home to Emma and his family, with Rachel. Emma took care of them all as Chase trained Rachel. However, having been tracked down by Friedrich Gilder, Chase set out to find and save Adie and Zedd, who Gilder revealed had been captured by the Imperial Order. After doing so, Zedd requested that Chase became a Keep Warden and set out to bring Emma and the rest of his family to the Wizard's Keep to live.

However, Chase never made it, being ambushed by the former Seeker of Truth, Samuel, who also kidnapped Rachel. Chase later helped to rescue Rachel however, and they all ultimately survived the Imperial Order War.

After the Imperial Order War her husband Chase returned to Westland retrieved his family and moved to Aydindril and the Wizard's Keep.

Her adopted child Rachel was discovered to be of the Royal House of Tamarang and was trained to become the Queen when she was old enough.

Personality and traits Edit

She was a kind, friendly woman, always with a smile on her face. She had gray streaked hair and also seemed the opposite of Chase since she would be mortified if she intimidated someone.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In Legend of the Seeker, a television series based on the events of the Sword of Truth series series, Emma is portrayed by Jennifer Rucker.
  • In the episode Conversion, Emma appears to have possessed some form of Confessor's power after Giller experimented on her in an attempt to create a Confessor. After kissing her husband, Chase, he falls ill and almost dies. Later in the episode, Chase is given a potion created by Giller which protects the drinker from the Confessor's power. This it to protect him from Emma's touch.

Appearances Edit