The Fellowship of Order was the ancient sect that sparked the creation of the Imperial Order. At the time of the Imperial Order War they were headquartered in the capital city Altur'Rang.

Beliefs Edit

The Fellowship was dedicated to doing the work that they saw as being the Creator’s will. They believed that humanity was inherently sinful, and those born with a need were to be served by those with the ability to help. Despite preaching empathy towards the needy, the Order excused any number of atrocities toward any who did not follow them, and Emperor Jagang hypocritically lived with vast wealth. 

It was seen as a grave evil by the Fellowship for a person to live their life for themselves rather than give themselves over to others entirely. Under the Fellowship, hard work was done to benefit the whole and very little was given back to the person doing the hard work. Even the simplest decisions of buying, selling and transporting goods were required to be approved by committees so as to insure this did not impoverish or enrich any person unduly, resulting in a bureaucratic quagmire.

Due to magic giving certain people an inherent gift others lacked, the Order wanted to eradicate it. Even so, many members of the Order, including its leader Brother Narev, were themselves able to use magic. They justified use of magic as a means to its ultimate destruction. A method which they used for this end was to breed the Pristinely ungifted people.