Fire Spring was a valley on the edge of the Rang'Shada Mountains near the Agaden Reach in the Midlands. In Fire Spring, there were a number of vents where steam came up from the ground. In some openings, water boiled up from below and in others, other things boiled foul-smelling yellow liquid and thick mud. Rumbles could be heard and felt from the ground, some followed by great belches of steam roaring from the vents. The awful suffocating smell of sulfur wafted up to the stunted trees of the high ridge. The fumes keep people away from Fire Spring.

During the reign of Darken Rahl, dozens of short-tailed gars called the Fire Spring their home. Near the back of the valley, a hill rose up where the largest vent was. On top of the hill was the egg of the dragon, Scarlet, which Darken Rahl had stolen in order to subjugate her and use her for traveling quickly throughout the New World.

Near where the egg was, above and on the side of the hill, was a cave that went all the way through the mountain to the valley on the other side. It was thought to be the cave of the Shadrin.

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