Fuer grissa ost drauka is the title given to Richard Rahl as named in prophecy. The title is High D'Haran and stands for "the bringer of death", "the bringer of souls" or "the bringer of the underworld".

Three MeaningsEdit

The prophecy itself has three meanings, as in High D'Haran words can mean more than one thing without the meanings crossing.

Warren explains when Richard first visits him in the archives of prophecy in the Palace of the Prophets that there has been much dispute over the meaning or interpretation of the prophecy.

As Warren tells Richard in Stone of Tears, drauka has three meanings: death, as in to kill; spirits, the souls of the dead; or the underworld, the place of the dead.

Richard goes on to explain he knows what the prophecy means. "No one has been able to figure out which one of the three is the true translation because in trying to justify one, they invalidate the whole." All the translations are true.

He says, "I have killed people with this sword. I am the bringer of death in that sense. That is the first meaning of drauka."

"In order to prevail against otherwise impossible odds, such as defeating the mriswith, I use the sword's magic to bring forth the spirits of those who have used it before me. I have called the dead forth, called the past into the present. In that way, I am the bringer of spirits. That is the second meaning of drauka."

"As for the third meaning, bringing forth the underworld, I have reason to believe I may have somehow torn the veil. That is the third meaning of drauka."

Holders of the TitleEdit

As mentioned above, Richard Rahl is given the primary title "bringer of death" in prophecy, although he is also referred to by other names, such as the "pebble in the pond" and the "one who turns the blade white." Richard's wife, Kahlan Amnell, also claims to be a bringer of death; she too kills, fights by the war wizards' dance with death, and called forth the underworld by releasing the chimes. Furthermore, she and Richard consider themselves two sides of the same coin, and therefore consider their titles and authorities fluid. For example, just as Kahlan calls her herself the bringer of death, Richard once painted himself with the twin lightning bolts of the Con Dar, and often uses the Confessor's face.