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Richard and Cara help a small group of villagers escape ruthless slave traders, killing the aggressors in the process. The deaths disappoint the matriarch of the victimized people, a pacifist group called the Minders. Some of them, though, are tired of turning the other cheek while they are being subjugated and slaughtered, and enlist the Seeker's aid in showing them how to protect themselves against future attacks. But Richard's attempt to teach the Minders self-defense skills unleashes their building rage, which threatens to consume them and destroy the Seeker.

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Richard's attempt to teach a peaceful people how to defend themselves unleashes an uncontrollable rage which threatens to consume them and destroy the Seeker.

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  • Carolyn Dando as Veta
  • Donogh Rees as Roga
  • Dwayne Cameron as Kur
  • Kowhai Wilkie as Tamra
  • David Aston as Caldor
  • Des Wallace as Slave Hunter
  • Gerald Urquhart as Dut
  • Daniel Jackson as Fighter



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