Fyren was the High Prince of Kelton. He took charge of the Central Council in the absence of Kahlan Amnell, but was murdered soon after her return.

Biography Edit

In the absence of the Mother Confessor and having acquired a new advisor, Wizard Neville Ranson, Fyren became bold enough to take the First Chair of the Central Council of the Midlands, despite the fact that it was a capital offense for any Councilor to do so.

When the Queen of Galea, Cyrilla Amnell, came before the Central Council to demand that it come to the aid of her country, who was continuously under attack from Kelton, Fyren's homeland, he had her charged with treason. Before her execution she was thrown in a pit to be raped constantly by vile murderers and rapists that also awaited execution. She was later rescued by her brother, Prince Harold.

When Kahlan Amnell arrived home in Aydindril, without a wizard, she showed that she was still in charge by ordering Fyren from her rightful chair. She then ordered that the entire Council meet in the morning to discuss the fact that the Midlands was at war.

That night Fyren attended a welcome home celebration in Kahlan's honor. When Kahlan tired and returned to her room, she found Fyren standing atop her bed, urinating. Kahlan became furious and ordered that his diplomatic privilege was suspended and that should he enter her palace before the Council meeting tomorrow, her guards were to kill him or she would.

The next morning when Kahlan arrived in the Council Chambers, the body of High Prince Fyren was laid out in front of the Council, his throat having been slit. Neville Ranson then went on to charge Kahlan with Fyren's murder among many other fabricated crimes, however, she escaped before her execution and killed Ranson herself.

Behind the scenes Edit

Fyren appears in the Legend of the Seeker television series "Torn" of the second season, where he too took charge of the Central Council like in the books. When Kahlan returns he is confessed by her to do her bidding.

It's revealed that this Kahlan is not the true one, but just her responsible part, while her emotional side is with Richard somewhere else. This Kahlan decides to take Fyren as her mate and sleeps with him to continue the line of Confessors, but she doesn't become pregnant. Once the two sides of Kahlan are reunited, the persons confessed by Kahlan's responsible half are back to normal, and Fyren is not seen again.

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