Gadi was a thug living in the boarding house where Richard and Nicci lived in during their stay in Altur'Rang. He later joined the Imperial Order's Army where he assassinated Warren and was tortured by Cara for his crimes.


Though little is known about Gadi from his brief appearance in Faith of the Fallen, it is believed that he had been in Altur'Rang since birth, and had always believed in the Imperial Order's righteousness. Gadi loved to use his knives to intimidate citizens, and was faithfully followed by two similar thugs known as Kamil and Nabbi. When Richard entered their life and convinced both Kamil and Nabbi to change their lives for the better, Gadi became extremely jealous and angry with him. He believed himself better than Richard when Nicci (who Gadi believed was Richard's wife) asked Gadi to have sex with her, though he didn't know that she was only doing it to spite Richard (though it probably wouldn't of have made a difference). A little after this, Gadi reported Richard's name to the Order and joined their Army.

In the Order's Army, Gadi was sent as an assassin to kill anyone who he deemed important among the troops form the Midlands for which they were fighting against. Gadi stole through the camp, stabbing Holly, and fatally wounding Warren. When Warren died, Verna declared that she wished to hear Gadi's screams ring throughout the camp the whole night. She left this task to Cara, who did not let the screams stop but twice. The first time they stopped was when Gadi told her of how he had met Richard Cypher. She took him to Kahlan, who made him draw her maps of where Richard and Nicci lived, and maps of the Old World in general. Gadi begged for mercy afterwards, saying that it was unfair since he had done as they wished. The second time his screams stopped, he was dead.

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