Galea was a large and powerful land, that was a member of the Midlands Alliance; before its dissolution. Under Queen Kahlan, Galea joined with the D'Haran Empire. However, upon the reinstation of Queen Cyrilla, Galea withdrew from the war and was quickly invaded by the Imperial Order.

History Edit

Galea was formed by the joining together of two lands, by the marriage of Queen Bernadine and King Wyborn, despite the fact they did not love each other. When Wyborn was taken as the mate of the Mother Confessor, Bernadine continued to rule, without her husband. Before he left, Wyborn and Bernadine had produced two heirs, Cyrilla and Harold. Wyborn also produced a half-sibling to his two children with the Mother Confessor-Kahlan Amnell.

King Wyborn died of sorrow when he learned that his mate, the Mother Confessor, had died from a terrible wasting disease she had contracted.

Many years later, Queen Bernadine died of old age and passed the Crown of Galea to her daughter Cyrilla. Cyrilla would rule for many years as a good and fair Queen, loved and admired by her people. However, after a traumatic incident that caused her to lose her sanity, the Crown was passed onto her half-sister Kahlan. The people of Galea held great respect for Kahlan, the Mother Confessor and new Queen, due to the fact that she had shortly before accepting the title of Queen led a force of some five thousand Galeans to victory against over one hundred thousand Imperial Order soldiers who had massacred the Galean Crown city of Ebinissia.

Kahlan would commit Galea to war against the Imperial Order. However, Cyrilla would eventually become lucid once more, though a changed woman. She would order Galea to become neutral in the war effort. Galea would then be completely overrun by the Imperial Order, its Queen becoming a common whore for the Order's soldiers, before her execution.